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Dated: 09/20/2016

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 Being prepared  when purchasing a home will put you at the head of the class.  Homes in and around the Orlando area move quickly,  and the great value homes       ( beautiful at discount price) go quickly.  Often a home can have multiple offers on the first day it is available for purchase.   

 How can you separate yourself from the others? Being prepared  may make the difference.   If you are searching for homes to purchase, you should also be searching for a lender because in the end if you do not qualify for a home loan all of the searching  will not matter.  Maybe you find your dream home but the lenders will not borrow  the funds, the disappointment can be striking.   Be prepared contact a lender now and request a financial qualified pre-approval.  Many home sellers are requiring a full financial qualified pre-approval which requires sharing your income statements,  monthly debt payments (cars, other home, credit cards, alimony), and money you have available for down payment , so they can determine your maximum purchase power.  Being able to show the seller you have the absolute ability to purchase  can place your offer ahead of others even with a higher bid. The sellers want to sell, but many will not want headaches for a slightly higher price. 

 If you do not have a lender in mind we have a relationship with a few we can recommend, just ask 98letslook@gmail.com.  Otherwise your local credit union can be a good option, as you are part owner  if you have an account.  Having been a mortgage loan officer in the past there can be huge money differences between lenders. Shop at least 2 lenders, or  even  online comparison shop.  Always ask for the APR rate which includes the lenders fees.  One 5% rate from one lender can really be 5.5% or more at another depending on add on fees.  The APR rate is a good measuring point for comparison shopping. 

  Request the prospective lender give back all documents, and or make copies prior to sending them, or dropping them off.  If you need to change lenders, or shop they may need those same documents.   When you have your  qualified pre-approval lender send a copy to your  real estate agent (Me) so he has it when you are ready to make your first offer.

  One last thing to keep in mind are home inspectors.  When your offer is accepted   you will have  a short period of time in order to have the home inspected.  Now is the time to consider if you will want a home inspection done.   Home inspections may save you money and headaches in the future, and should be a consideration.  Do you know  how to detect for termites, Chinese drywall,  flood zones? if not  find a good FLORIDA CERTIFIED Home inspector.  Unless you know someone  we suggest starting with a google search for Orlando Cerified Home Inspectors  Quick link .

Thank you and happy hunting

Randy Coppernoll Larosa Realty

Phone: 98letsook/985-387-5665

Email:  98letslook@gmail.com

Web:  98letslook.com


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  • Posted by Towngate Corporation
    Good morning Eric. I restore historic buildings in the Kissimmee Downtown area, sometimes for office use. I suppose you might put me under "fixer uppers". Thank you Rodney 407 361-1742

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